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Service Station Cleaning Perth

If you’re searching for service station cleaning services, you’ll be glad you found us. ProFlo has over 31 years of experience in professional cleaning. Needless to say, we are well equipped to handle your needs. Moreover, we are 100% Western Australian owned and operated.

Many people come through service stations every day. For this reason, it’s important to keep these areas clean and hygienic. Luckily, ProFlo can help you with that. Using our high pressure water cleaning solutions, we can sanitise your service station. Aside from this, we can also clean up hazardous spills, stains and more. When you want to restore your petrol station to its former glory, we’re the guys to call. Rest assured, dirt, grime and stains don’t stand a chance against our high pressure water technology.

Turn to ProFlo for Service Station Cleaning Services in Perth

Service station employees no longer have to bother themselves with rigorous cleaning. Instead, ProFlo are here to save you time and effort by making the job as easy and convenient as possible. Our team are fully accredited under the Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG), so you can rest assured knowing that we are fully qualified to work on your service station. We always carry out our work according to Occupation Health & Safety guidelines. Moreover, our Recapture-Recycle-Reuse technology uses 100% nontoxic and biodegradable chemicals to clean your service station. This will recover waste where necessary and prevent wastewater from collecting on your site. All in all, it will guarantee a result that you can be satisfied with, to keep your service station looking better for longer.

We offer the following benefits for those who choose our services:

Aside from petrol station cleaning, we also provide the following services, plus more:

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