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Looking for school cleaning services in Perth? At ProFlo, we have over 31 years’ experience in professional high pressure water cleaning. Moreover, we are 100% Western Australian owned and operated. Our qualified team are highly experienced and equipped with the latest technology and equipment. Naturally, you can expect us to restore life back into your premises.

Want to prevent your school environment from becoming a germ factory? If so, then proper cleaning is essential. Luckily, ProFlo offers just that. Our high water pressure cleaning is a fast and effective solution to your needs. It can help you manage the risk of infection. All in all, it allows you to maintain the health of pupils and employees alike.

What's the ProFlo Difference?

So, what makes ProFlo the top choice for cleaning private and public schools? Well, we can provide a maintenance program that is suited to your school. This will provide minimal disruption to the staff and students. Most importantly, it will give you peace of mind. You will be able to reduce OHS risks and increase longevity thanks to our treatments.

We provide the following services:

When you choose ProFlo, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

No area is too big or small for ProFlo. To enquire about our school cleaning services, call us now!
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